Time (KOREA 2006)

Time (KOREA 2006)Time is the thirteenth feature film by South Korean director Kim Ki-duk. It premiered at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival on June 30, 2006.

The story revolves around a woman who undergoes plastic surgery in order to refresh her relationship. She feels that her boyfriend is getting bored with her and thinks a new face will help. Unlike other recent films by the director, it contains a large amount of dialogue.

So Close (2002)

So Close (2002)Lynn is one of the world's greatest assassins, taking as her targets only criminals she deems deserving of death anyway. Aiding her in this endeavour is her younger sister Sue, who remotely guides Lynn through her missions using satellite spy software invented by their late father, which gives the user the ability to tap into any security system in the world. Their hit on CEO Chow Lui, in his spiffy offices, draws the attention of supercop Yat-Hong. Sue's attraction to the dynamic Detective Hong put them in serious danger.

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Legendary Assassin (2008)

Legendary Assassin (2008)Legendary Assassin is a 2008 Hong Kong martial arts film that marks the directorial debuts of actor Wu Jing and fight choreographer Nicky Li Chung-Chi. The film also marks the screen debut of singer, songwriter and model Celina Jade. Wu stars as a mysterious martial artist, who become a female cop's prime suspect in a murder investigation.

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