Hantu Ambulans (2008) VCDRip (Indonesian)

Hantu Ambulans (2008) VCDRip (Indonesian)Synopsis: Ranu and three of his friends Dicky, Ocha, and Poppi move from Jakarta to Bandung to continue their studies. They find an old house with cheap rent but the existence of a broken ambulance parked in front of the yard worries them.

Speed Scandal (2008) (KOREA)

Speed Scandal (2008) (KOREA)K-Movie: Speed Scandal (2008)

Also known as: Scandal Makers / Gwasok Seukaendeul / Kwasok scandle
Director: Hyeong-cheol Kang
Language: Korean

Release Date: December 4, 2008
Genre: Comedy / Drama / Family / Music

AsianMediaWiki link

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Mid 30's Hyeon-su Nam (Tae-hyun Cha) is a popular radio d.j. and entertainer (who was even more popular in his younger days as a teen idol).

One day, Jeong-nam Hwang (Bo-yeong Park) suddenly appears and tells Hyeon-su that he is her father. Furthermore, she informs him that he is now a grandfather to her young son, Ki-dong. Jeong-nam then follows Hyeon-su everywhere he goes. This causes the media to take notice and mistakenly identify Hyeon-su and Jeong-nam as a couple. A complicated scandal then erupts.

Tae-hyun Cha - Hyeon-su Nam
Bo-yeong Park - Jeong-nam Hwang
Seok-hyeon Wang - Ki-dong Hwang

For Eternal Hearts (2007) (KOREA)

For Eternal Hearts (2007) (KOREA)K-Movie: For Eternal Hearts (2007)

Also known as: Byeolbit Soguro

Director: Hwang Gyu-deok
Language: Korean

Release Date: August 9, 2007
Genre: Drama / Horror / Mystery / Romance

AsianMediaWiki link:


Suyoung who is a college professor in his 40s tells the class about his first love as they insist. Suyoung had to work his way through college in his 20s. He was attracted by a girl who had the look of 'Pippi Langstrump' in a classroom but plunged into despair, watching her disappearing into the cry of the times. Now the Pippi-lookalike girl shows up again before Suyoung who happens to meet Suji, a high school girl who charmed him at his part time work. Where does the reality end and who are dead or alive among them?

Thanks to subtle, yet, appealing narratives and the cast who embodied the 4 characters attractively, we encounter a chain of interweaving destinies that we do not know how to untangle. is a story about our existence that Director HWANG Qu Dok who has gained fame for realism style which is hard to see in most Koran films. Contrasts between pro-democracy movement and dreamy love, past and present, Korea and sky add up to attractive visuals.

As we grow older, the boundary between memory and fantasy grows blurrier as well in our fist love. Probably, reality and fantasy are nothing but two different sides of a single coin of our past. plants unforgettable memory in our hearts as the film shows heavenly stars against the background of reality and fantasy intertwining with each other. Just like Suyoung who is in his 40s, you and I may have survived our destinies thanks to our bonds and miracles. Isn't it fantastic? I bet you will feel the gravity of HWANG Qu Dok who have revived the memory of our turbulent youth against the streaming starry light.

Kyeong-ho Jeong - Su-yeong as teenager
Min-sun Kim - Pippi
Jin-yeong Jeong - Su-yeong
Su-yeon Cha ... Su-ji
Hang-Seon Jang
Su-na Lee
Seung-hwan Song - Radio DJ's voice

Gangster High (2006) (KOREA)

Gangster High (2006) (KOREA)K-Movie: Gangster High (2006)

Also known as: Pongryeok-sseokeul
Director: Ki-hyeong Park
Language: Korean

Release Date: October 19, 2006
Genre: Action / Crime



Sang-ho is an ordinary high school student. His dream is to enter the military academy under the influence of his father who is an army colonel. As entering high school, he became friends with Jae-gu, Chang-bae, Kyung-chul, Hong-kyu and Sang-sik. They grouped a soccer team called `Tiger`, building up friendship by playing soccer. Sang-ho and his friends ran into group of fight with seniors, these incidents made everybody in school to misunderstand them as they were serious group of gangster. When Sang-ho gets becomes close with a girl whose boyfriend is a boss of another school`s gangster group, things are going worse.

Although Gangster High deals with high school gangs, its depiction of violence is no less fierce than any Jopokyeonghwa, Korean gangster films. However, the film never romanticizes violence. Sang-ho is not romantic at all, and he turns into a cruel fighter when violent actions are unavoidable. As in his previous film A Whispering Corridor, a horror film of fearful, nightmarish girlhood, director Park depicts reckless teenagers living in the world without compassion through cruel, cold eyes.


Hie-jin Jang
Kyeong-ho Jeong
Jin-ung Jo
Hye-seong Kim
Ye-ryeong Kim
Haeng-seok Lee
Tae-seong Lee
Je-wook Yeon
Kyu-pil Ko
Hyeok-pung Kwon

Everybody Has Secrets (2004) (KOREA)

Everybody Has Secrets (2004) (KOREA)
K-Movie: Everybody Has Secrets (2004)

Also known as: Nuguna bimileun itda
Director: Hyeon-su Jang
Language: Korean

Release Date: July 30, 2004
Genre: Comedy / Mature 18+ / Romance



Everybody Has Secrets revolves around Soo-hyun (Lee Byun-heon) and three sisters. While he is falling in love with the youngest sister Mi-young (Kim Hyo-jin), he also tries to seduce her two sisters, the "old virgin" Sun-young (Choi Ji-woo) and the married Jin-young (Chu Sang-mi). The three sisters are captivated by Soo-hyun's sweet talk and begin to put morality aside...

Byung-hun Lee - Choi Su-hyeon
Sang Mi Chu - Han Ji-yeong
Hyo-jin Kim - Han Mi-yeong
Ji-Woo Choi - Han Seon-yeong

A Frozen Flower (2008) (KOREA)

A Frozen Flower (2008) (KOREA)K-Movie: A Frozen Flower (2008)

Also known as: Two Flowers Shop / Ssanghwajeom
Director: Ha Yu

Language: Korean

Release Date: December 30, 2008
Genre: Drama / Historical / Mature 18+ / Romance

AsianMediaWiki link:


Under the pressure of the Yuan Kingdom, the King of Goryeo is pressured to produce a successor to the throne. But the king is in love with his loyal general Hong-lim. After seriously pondering the issue, the king asks his lover Hong-lim to sleep with the Queen, with unexpected consequences.


In-seong Jo as Hong-rim
Jin-mo Ju as King
Ji-hyo Song as Queen
Ju-hwan Im as Han Baek

Oh! Happy Day (2003) (KOREA)

Oh! Happy Day (2003) (KOREA)K-Movie: Oh! Happy Day (2003)

Also known as: O Haipeidei
Director: Hak-yeol Yun
Language: Korean

Release Date: April 18, 2003
Genre: Comedy / Drama / Romance

AsianMediaWiki link:


Jang Na Ra and Park Jung Chul add a new and unconventional page to the modern fairy tale in the romantic comedy Oh! Happy Day. Jang Na Ra stars as Hee Ji, a hot-tempered girl with a strong sense of justice. She bursts into a club to stand up for her friends who were rejected from a singles party, and she ends up meeting Kim Hyun Jin, whom she marks as her Prince Charming.

Being the determined young woman that she is, Hee Ji breaks into his hotel room the next day and steals his schedule. Seeing Hee Ji everywhere he goes, Hyun Jin gradually develops feelings for this cheerful girl who seems to match him so well. Things seem to go just fine until this carefully planned "fate" is finally revealed.

Love Is A Crazy Thing (2005) (KOREA)

Love Is A Crazy Thing (2005) (KOREA)K-Movie: Love Is A Crazy Thing (2005)

Also known as: Yeonae
Director: Oh Seok-geun
Language: Korean
Release Date: December 9, 2005
Genre: Drama / Melodrama / Romance

AsianMediaWiki link:


Au-jin’s life is a series of boring days, one after another, until she receives a call from a stranger offering her relief from her crushing monotony. To a woman suffocating in a listless routine, the stranger – whom she knows only by voice – is her only outlet, a personal friend she can pour her heart out to. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when a certain Madam KIM rescues her from her predicament, and she meets a seemingly debonair Min-su along the way.

Love In Magic (2005) (KOREA)

Love In Magic (2005) (KOREA)K-Movie: Love In Magic (2005)

Also known as: Yeonae-sulsa
Director: Cheon Se-Hwan

Language: Korean

Release Date: May 20, 2005
Genre: Comedy / Romance

AsianMediaWiki link:


Ji-hoon is a famous magician. He's also a ladies man. The city is his stage, or rather his hunting ground. Every night he's out looking for a new lady, and he rarely goes home alone. But Ji-hoon's womanising ways are about to land him in some serious trouble. One night when he's dragged yet another girl to yet another hotelroom, he suddenly gets a call from his friend, who has stumbled over some hidden camera footage on the internet of a couple having sex in a hotel. Why is that so interesting? Well, the guy is Ji-hoon!

Meet Koo Hee-won. A sweet young teacher, who also happens to be Ji-hoon's co-star in that soon to be infamous sex-tape. When Ji-hoon seeks her out to tell her that their brief union has been immortalised on the internet, she breaks down, but soon comes up with a plan. They must find the tape! They must find the ones who made it!

First they have to locate the hotel, but none of them can remember where they stayed! Ji-hoon and Hee-won then begin an intense hunt for the right hotel. They tour around the entire area, from one ghastly hotel room to another searching for surveillance equipment. Meanwhile they both try to get on with their love lives, but the more time they spend together, they more they start to remember the passion they shared, Could this unfortunate event bring these two people together again...? Or perhaps a touch of magic will do the trick.

Lost And Found (2008) (KOREA)

Lost And Found (2008) (KOREA)
K-Movie: Lost And Found (2008)

Also known as: Sweet Lies / Dalkeumhan Keojitmal
Director: Jung-hwa Chung
Language: Korean

Release Date: December 18, 2008
Genre: Comedy / Romance

AsianMediaWiki link:


TV writer Ji-ho (Jin-hie Park) has been secretly in love with Min-woo (Ki-woo Lee) for the last 10 years. After a night of binge-drinking, she wakes up to face the worst day of her life. She wakes up to find that she has just gotten fired for low viewer ratings. On her way home her purse then gets snatched and Ji-ho pursues the thief. Then suddenly, when things seem that they can't go any worse, Ji-ho gets hit by a car.

But the chain of unfortunate events suddenly turns out to be a God-sent present. The man who hit her with the car turns out to be the very man she's been in love with all these years, Min-woo. She then pretends to have amnesia ...

Life Is Beautiful (2008) (KOREA)

Life Is Beautiful (2008) (KOREA)
K-Movie: Life Is Beautiful (2008)

Also known as: Smile Babo / Mr. Daehan Mr. Mingook / Daehan, Minkook
Director: Choi Jin-won

Language: Korean

Release Date: February 14, 2008
Genre: Comedy / Drama

AsianMediaWiki link: http://asianmediawiki.com/Life_is_Beautiful

Daehan and Mingook are best friends, but their intelligence is a bit lacking.
Daehan is a romantic guy who dreams of marrying his childhood friend Jieun.
As the two bumble through the storyline, the movie develops when Daehan heads to a nearby military base motivated by Jieun's casual comments that ...

Antique Bakery (2008) (KOREA)

Antique Bakery (2008) (KOREA)
K-Movie: Antique Bakery (2008)

Also known as: Sayangkoldong Yangkwajajeom Aentikeu
Director: Kyu-dong Min
Language: Korean

Release Date: November 13, 2008
Genre: Comedy / Drama

AsianMediaWiki link:

As an heir to the family fortune, Jin-hyuk has money, the looks, the charm, everything except finding the love of his life. So he sets up a cake shop where women are sure to come. He hires Sun-woo, a talented patissier who had a crush on Jin-hyuk back in high school. Along with an ex-boxing champion Gi-beom and a clueless bodyguard Su-young, the four unique and handsome young men stir up the quiet neighborhood at their cake shop, Antique. Although seemingly careless and happy, each of the four men have unforgettable past that they are afraid to face, but their secrets slowly begin to unravel.

Addicted (2002) (KOREA)

Addicted (2002) (KOREA)
K-Movie: Addicted (2002)

Also known as: Jungdok/The Poisoning
Director: Young-hoon Park
Language: Korean

Release Date: October 25, 2002
Genre: Drama / Mystery / Romance / Thriller

AsianMediaWiki link:


Ho-jin (Lee Eol) and Dae-jin (Lee Byung-hun) are brothers and the only family that each has. Then Ho-jin marries Eun-su (Lee Mi-yun), and the three decide to live together under one roof. But the joy doesn't last long. Dae-jin, a race car driver, crashes during a competition and lapses into a coma. Coincidentally, Ho-jin also has an accident that day and ends up comatose. A year later, Dae-jin wakes up -- but with his brother's soul. Dae-jin tells Eun-su that he's her husband, but she can't believe it. She is confused by this new brother in law who is so familar yet a stranger ... Eventually he convinces her with secrets that only her husband would know . But now that Eun-su has accepted his love on faith that it is indeed her husband who has returned in Dae-jin body, how will others understand this immoral love affair? "Jungdok" shows how one addicted to love can be driven to do things that cannot be comprehend... nor forgiven.

A Love AKA Sarang (2007) (KOREA)

A Love AKA Sarang (2007) (KOREA)
K-Movie: A Love AKA Sarang (2007)

Also known as: Sarang

Director: Kwak Kyung-Taek

Language: Korean

Release Date: September 19, 2007
Genre: Action / Drama / Romance

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In-Ho Chae wanted to live an ordinary life like others. As a student, he had a simple dream of going to college by playing sports well and being a good son to his parents.
However, as he becomes involved with Chi Gwon who is renowned ganger in Busan, his tough and brutal life begins. Even though he did manual work at a pier, he did not lose his honest and na?e personality.

And when his second chance comes, he decides to dedicate his youth for Mr. Yu. Seven years passes by, and Mi-Joo, whom In-Ho has not forgotten for his whole life, appears infront of him. However, he becomes terribly confused when the love of his life stands beside Mr. Yu, who gave the second chance of life for In-ho. In addition to this, the knavish ruffian, Chi-Gwon comes into In-Ho life one more time.

When he decides that he wants to be happy for once in his rough life, his fierce destiny throws his life into a turmoil.

Jin-mo Ju - In-ho
Si-hyeon Park - Mi-ju
Hyeon Ju - Hae-jang
Min-jun Kim
Whee-hyang Lee
Su-kyeong Jeon
Hee-seon Son
Seong-kyu Lim
Min-seok Kwak

I Like It Hot (2008) (KOREA)

I Like It Hot (2008) (KOREA)
K-Movie: I Like It Hot (2008)

Also known as: Hellcats / Some Like It Hot / Ddeugeoun geotsi joa
Director: Chil-in Kwon
Language: Korean

Release Date: January 17, 2008
Genre: Comedy / Drama / Romance

AsianMediaWiki link:


27 year old screenwriter Ami (Min-hie Kim) hasn’t completed her first script in over a year. On her birthday she gets scolded by her older sister Young-mi (Mi-suk Lee)and her niece Kang-ae (So-hee Ahn). To seek consolation she turns to her boyfriend Eun-sook, who she knows is a deadbeat and headed in the wrong direction.

Because of this, she relunctunctly goes on a blind date and meets Soong-won. He’s a confident accountant and seems to be the better choice for her, but woefully lacks a sense of humor. She is kind of attracted to him, but is this love? Should she think about marriage or keep working herself to death?

Her older sister, Young-mi, is 41 years old, an interior designer, and a single mother. She seems to enjoy her life and her work. Young-mi then meets a younger guy while working on an assignment and they have a one night stand. She kind of likes him, but also wants to be professional at work. The couple pretends not to know each other by day. Young-mi also notices sudden mood swings which her doctor attributes to the menopause. She notices that she gets easily annoyed by Keung-su. Is this the oncoming stages of menopause?

Young-mi’s daughter, Kang-ae, is a high school student who’s usually kept busy looking after her mom and her frustrated aunt. In her own personal life she has a boyfriend named Ho-Jae. They’ve been dating for three years, but still stuck in the first stages of a relationship. To her annoyance, he seems more interested in games and motorcycles than her. Young’mi’s friend than pushes her to have sex with Kang-ae


Mi-suk Lee - Yeong-mi Kim
Min-hie Kim - Ah-mi Kim
So-hie Ahn - Kang-ae Kim

Hello Schoolgirl (2008) (KOREA)

Hello Schoolgirl (2008) (KOREA)K-Movie: Hello Schoolgirl (2008)

Also known as: Crush on You / Pure Love

Director: Jang-ha Ryu
Language: Korean

Release Date: November 27, 2008
Genre: Comedy / Drama / Romance

AsianMediaWiki link:


Yun-woo Kim works as a low level civil servant in a district office. Although he is thirty, he is still innocent for his age and has been on numerous unfruitful blind dates in search of a suitable wife. After moving to a new place, he runs runs into Soo-yong Han, a high school student who lives downstairs. Soo-young Han is a cheerful and eccentric eighteen-year-old who lives with her mother that acts like a princess.

Meanwhile, Sook Kang has just started to work at the district office straight after graduating from high school and falls head over heels for Ha-kyuing Kwon, a melancolic woman who always smokes in the same spot, becuase of her beautiful smile. Ha-kyung is still holding onto an old flame and keeps on looking for traces of that love every day. Sook Kang continues to keep wooing her, irregardless of her living in the past. Can their futures lead to a happy ending?

Bewitching Attraction (2006) (KOREA)

Bewitching Attraction (2006) (KOREA)K-Movie: Bewitching Attraction (2006)

Also known as: Yeogyosu ui Eunmilhan Maeryeok
Director: Ha Lee
Language: Korean

Release Date: March 16, 2006
Genre: Comedy / Romance

AsianMediaWiki link:


The movie revolves around Eun Sook (MOON So Ri), a lovely but promiscuous professor in a University, who has all the male professors wrapped around her finger. It also helps that she has slept with most of them! When a popular comic book artist Suk Gyu (JI Jin Hee) joins the environmental awareness group that she belongs to, he attracts the jealously of Mr Yoo, a group member who fears that he would steal Eun Sook from him, even though Eun-Sook does not return his intense love. What is not known to the rest is that Eun Sook and Suk Gyu attended the same junior high school where they share a secretive tragic history. Back then, Eun Sook was the girlfriend of Suk Gyu's older brother and the the three rebellious teenagers indulged in sex promiscuously. Eun Sook worries that her past may be revealed. When Mr. Yoo starts snooping around Eun Sook and Suk Gyu's pasts, will their secret be kept and will they be together again?

Miss Gold Digger (2007) (KOREA)

K-Movie: Miss Gold Digger (2007)

Also known as: Yonguijudo Miss Shin
Director: Yong-jib Park
Language: Korean

Release Date: December 19, 2007
Genre: Comedy / Romance


Sin Min-joo is juggling relationships with four different men, adopting a different persona for each one. But her love life becomes increasingly tangeled, and the men show their true colours when they find out how they've been manipulated.

Marrying High School Girl (2004) (KOREA)

K-Movie: Marrying High School Girl (2004)

Also known as: Yeogosaeng Sijipgagi / High School Girl Get Married
Director: Duk-hwan Oh
Language: Korean

Release Date: December 23, 2004
Genre: Comedy / Fantasy / Romance


The story begins with the tale of a classic Korean story of romance about a princess named Pyun-gang whose husband, On-dal dies. Then we flash forward to a mother who has brought her haunted daughter (also named Pyun-gang) to a psychic, who informs her that her daughter is haunted by the ghost of the princess . He then goes on to say that the girl must marry her On-dal by her 16 birthday and produce a child within a year otherwise she will die.

The family treats it skeptically until years later, Pyun-gang has several near-death experiences and is immediately spooked, convinced she is going to die. As luck would have it, soon thereafter, a new transfer student joins Pyun-gang's class. His name is On-dal, and he's intelligent, handsome and rich which really doesn't make the prospect of high school marriage such a tough deal for Pyun-gang, what with her impending death and all.

~ 2CD

Between Love And Hate (2006) (KOREA) ~ 2CD

Between Love And Hate (2006) (KOREA) ~ 2CD
K-Movie: Between Love And Hate (2006)

Also known as: The Unreliable Lightness of Dating / Yeonae, geu chameulsu-eomneun gabyeoum
Director: Kim Hae-gon

Language: Korean

Release Date: September 7, 2006
Genre: Comedy / Romance

AsianMediaWiki link

IMDb link


Taking the contours of an overheated European romance, Between Love and Hate strays from the typical reference points of the genre and essentially turns it inside out. The movie is staged largely as a knockabout farce -- but one with serious overtones. It brims with scores of characters, mostly rude young thugs seemingly bent on botching their lives. They are a noisy, discordant and disruptive lot, and this is a fierce and furious atmosphere that would seem unlikely to engender anything as tender as love. But among them is the rebellious, incorrigible Yeon-ah, who pursues with a near self-destructive lust Jun-hee, the cad who leaves her a woman scorned. The film is reminiscent of the work of Jean-Jacques Beineix, especially 1986's Betty Blue. Like that film, Between Love and Hate examines what happens when grown-up responsibilities collide with the reckless urges of youth and the regrets that often ensue.

A Good Lawyer's Wife (2003) (KOREA)

A Good Lawyer's Wife (2003) (KOREA)
K-Movie: A Good Lawyer's Wife (2003)

Also known as: Baramnan gajok

Director: Sang-soo Im
Language: Korean

Release Date: August 15, 2003 (South Korea)
Genre: Drama / Mature 18+


A family one day discovers that they’ve fallen into a web of indiscretion. A sixty-year-old grandmother finally discovers meaning in her life through an affair with her elementary school sweetheart. But instead of condemnation, the daughter-in-law silently applauds her mother-in-law’s confessions of “folly.” The husband presents himself as a model citizen-attorney, but in fact he’s a born playboy who untiringly focuses his energy on wooing women despite his love and devotion to his family. The wife meanwhile observes her spouse’s hypocrisy with disdain rather than anguish. Eventually, she too decides to bring little change to her life by giving the next door neighbor’s teenage son who had been spying on her, a lesson or two on sex. So what’s the big deal about having a little fun and romance when it could perhaps brighten things up a bit?

Sifu & Tongga (2009)

Otai [2007]DvDrip

Cicak Man 2 Planet Hitam (2008)

Los Dan Faun (2008)

Tipu Kanan Tipu Kiri [2008]DvDrip

Jangan Tegur [2009]DvDrip

Pensil [2008]TvRip

Eiffel... I'm In Love Extended (2003)

Kami The Movie [2008]DvDrip

Budak Kelantan [2008]DvDrip

Sepi [2008]VCDRip

Senario The Movie Episode 1 [2008]DvDrip

Sembilu (1994)

Remp-It [2007]VCDRip[RMVB]

Puteri Gunung Ledang [2004]VCDRip[RMVB]

Puaka Tebing Biru [2007]VCDRip[RMVB]

Pontianak Menjerit [2005]VCDRip[RMVB]

Perempuan Isteri Dan Jalang [1993]VCDRip[RMVB]

Gol & Gincu (2005)

Masam-Masam Manis [1965]VCDRip[RMVB]

Orang Minyak [2007]VCDRip

Mr. Cinderella [2002]VCDRip[RMVB]

Malam Satu Suro [1988]VCDRip[RMVB]

Madu Tiga [1964]VCDRip[RMVB]

Love Is Cinta [2007]VCDRip[RMVB]


Love is Cinta, tells a story about Ryan (Irwansyah) and Cinta (Acha Septriasa), high school students who have feeling for each other but have difficulties to express it. All they have managed to say is “love” which they both interpret as “care” an ambiguous expression at best. Even when Ryan Ryan is bound for the America to continue his studies, they still cannot find the courage to express their true feelings. However, everything changes when tragedy strikes. Ryan feels that he has unfinished love with Cinta, hence, he comes back as other person, Doni to express his feeling to Cinta…

Actor : Irwansyah, Acha Septriasa, Raffi Ahmad
Language : Indonesian

Leftenan Adnan [2000]VCDRip[RMVB]

KL Menjerit [2002]VCDRip

I'm Not Single [2008]DvDrip

Hingga Hujung Nyawa [2004]VCDRip[RMVB]

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