Insadong Scandal (2009) (Korean)

AKA: 인사동 스캔들
Genre: Action,Crime,Drama
Country: South Korea
Release Date:30 April 2009
Director : Park Hee-gon (박희곤)
Starring:Kim Rae-won(김래원),Uhm Jung-hwa(엄정화),Im Ha-ryong(임하룡),Hong Soo-hyeon(홍수현),Kim Jeong-tae(김정태),Kim Byeong-ok(김병옥)

"Insa-dong Scandal" is about the restoration of a Joseon dynasty masterpiece and its secrets. Conflicts arise between Tae-jin Bae (Jeong-hwa Eom) and the art restoration expert she hires, Kang-jun Lee (Rae-won Kim).

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